Who we are

Guidoreni is a company that has been operating in the world of optics since 1965.

It was founded in Casoria in the province of Naples by the Guidoreni spouses, where the first eyewear shop was opened.

In 1979 the Guidoreni family moved to Florence where they opened a shop in the historic center of the city.

From 1979 to 2016 Ottica Guidoreni opened several stores in Florence, Venice, Mantua and Rome, tracing a path made of experience, competence and tradition.

In 2016 Vincenzo Guidoreni continues the family tradition and founded "Guidoreni Fashion Optics", which starting with three initial stores, defines a dream made up of '' innovation '', '' product exclusivity '' and '' differentiation ' ', proposing to offer its customers a portfolio of the most sought after and innovative brands.

The fulcrum of Guidoreni Fashion Optics is the growth process in which “vision”, “technique” and “creativity” merge, creating a bridge between past and present and laying the foundations for a continuous path towards the future.

Guidoreni Fashion Optics is a company that today has three shops: one in Florence, in via dei Guicciardini 2 / A / R, and two in Venice, one in Calle del Teatro 4610 and another in San Zulian Mercerie 716.